• Initiative Gesundgewicht

United against obesity

Status Quo: In Germany, obesity is still not recognised as a disease, which makes it harder for those suffering from it to gain access to the right forms of therapy – and they also reach into their own pockets to pay for treatment.

Challenge: How do you address a societal problem, the cause of which is only seen amongst those affected?

Our solution: To address prejudices and, at the same time, help those affected. To this end, we developed the first nationwide platform for obesity and founded our own association, Initiative Gesundgewicht e.V. This association offers the community a place for exchange and those suffering from obesity are provided an overview of all clinics and centres that offer therapy. The website launch was accompanied by a provocative poster campaign throughout the major cities of North Rhine-Westphalia.

The faces of the campaign are represented by real sufferers.
The website collects all the relevant information for people affected by obesity.
A testimonial from Alexandra Piskol on Instagram provides for interaction with the community.
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